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Dyspraxia, also called Developmental Coordination Disorder DCD, is a hidden, complex, yet common condition impacting every area of life .

Many of the early signs of dyspraxia are missed such as difficulties with co-ordination, handwriting, dressing, riding a bike etc.

The children tell us having a teacher and parent/carer who understands dyspraxia makes all the difference.

We are Dyspraxia Education  a registered charity (No.1185572) supporting children and young people affected by dyspraxia .

Our charity provides:

  • Specialist advice about dyspraxia and support for families, schools and professionals through our helpline
  • Face to face support for local families and schools
  • Dyspraxia training for schools and organisations working with children
  • Self-help workshops for parents/carers
  • Seminars and presentations for conferences and articles for professional media

Helpline Advice

Monthly average

32 hours

Families Supported

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Monthly average

24 hours

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Face to Face is back!


We are gradually being asked for Inset and other face to face training. It’s wonderful to be able to interact. We are extremely careful to keep everyone safe by abiding by COVID guidelines.