Dyspraxia Support in Herefordshire

Hereford Outreach Project:

Our charity was formerly based in Worcester but in August 2021 moved to Hereford. We are now looking forward to being able to support children affected by dyspraxia, their families and teachers in Herefordshire and have begun our Hereford Outreach Project. Our aim is to let schools and families know we are here and can offer support and advice.

What has the project achieved so far?

Thanks to local funding from The Eveson Trust and Hereford Community Foundation we have managed to keep going as a charity and have begun to raise awareness and work within Herefordshire. So far we have been able to:-

  • Keep our helpline running school days 10am-3pm
  • Offer ongoing support via zoom or face to face
  • Write to every school in Herefordshire enclosing a flyer with information so schools are aware we are here to help
  • Meet with Herefordshire Council CEO, Mr Paul Walker to discuss how support for these children could be improved
  • This led to a meeting with Mr Ceri Morgan Director of Services for Education.
  • Attend various HVOSS and Talk Community events
  • Attend the newly formed Community Action Network group first meeting
  • Schedule social media posts to raise awareness
  • Gain a “Hereford” volunteer who is keen to give back something to our charity in gratitude for the support we have given them.

Are you based in Herefordshire and looking for support? Perhaps you’re concerned that your child may have dyspraxia? Please feel free to get in touch with us to see how we can help you. We provide help and support to parents and carers  and also to teachers https://www.dyspraxiahelp.org.uk/for-schools-professionals/ of children with Dyspraxia