Dyspraxia Training For School Inset Days

Dyspraxia Training for your School, College or Setting

Our down to earth training will equip you and your colleagues with the knowledge, understanding and practical strategies to recognise, support and include these children within a busy classroom. It caters for the overworked teacher with a low budget!

COVID 19 We work within all government and school guidelines to ensure everyones safety.

Who is it for?

We can offer training for all schools and settings:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • Further and Higher Education
  • Any organisation working with children and young people.

Where would it be delivered?

In your school, college, setting or premises.

When would be a good time to do it?

Our dyspraxia training is comprehensive and to gain maximum benefit we recommend that it is delivered as a full morning session of a staff training day. Our handwriting training can be added to the dyspraxia morning to make a full day of training and save you money too!

What training do you offer and what does it cover?

Package 1:  Dyspraxia Half Day (9am – 12:30pm  £375  VAT exempt)

Understanding and Including the Child with Dyspraxia /DCD(Developmental Co-ordination Disorder)


  • Background to dyspraxia
  • Dyspraxia explained in simple terms
  • Co-occurrence with other conditions
  • Identifying these children
  • Challenges facing children with dyspraxia
  • Gifts and unique abilities associated with dyspraxia
  • Simple, low cost, practical and effective support strategies for busy teaching staff
  • How to help with poor concentration
  • Informative, lively and interactive presentation
  • Sources of further information
  • Certificates of attendance for professional portfolios
  • Ongoing support through our free helpline

Package 2:  Handwriting (2 hours  £200 VAT exempt)

A Whole School Approach To Handwriting ( National curriculum compliant and applicable to all children not just those with dyspraxia)


  • Developmental stages of handwriting
  • How to prepare children for handwriting to minimise later problems
  • Trouble shooting- what to do, when, how and with what
  • Letter formation and font styles
  • Supporting left handed children
  • Sources of further information
  • Informative, lively and interactive presentation
  • Ongoing support through our free help line

Package 3:  Dyspraxia & Handwriting Full Day (9am – 4pm  £475 VAT exempt)

SAVE money by combining both dyspraxia and handwriting training to make a full day.


Who is the trainer?

Cathy Parvin is the Director of Dyspraxia Help, she has a wealth of expreience and knowledge.  To find out more about Cathy click here

How far do you travel?

We are based in Herefordshire and most of our work is local but we are willing to travel across the UK and abroad if required. We try to keep our travel and overnight costs as low as possible, only charging what it costs us. If this is not feasible for you, please consider purchasing our online workshops for teaching staff.

How many can attend?

All staff from one school, including head teachers, admin staff and lunchtime supervisors are welcome and encouraged to attend. Small schools of 15 teaching staff or less are welcome to join with another small school to share the cost. If you are booking as a Multi Academy Trust or an Outreach Base for all of your schools, then numbers are limited to 50.

How do we book?

Call Cathy directly on 07736000979 or email her cathy@dyspraxiahelp.org.uk to discuss your training requirements.

What if we need to cancel?

Things happen, OFSTED calls! If there are unavoidable reasons for a cancellation we will reschedule. Cancellation charges are not made unless travel costs have already been incurred by the charity.

What is the money used for?

ALL the money raised from our training is used by our charity, so we can continue to support children and families affected by dyspraxia/DCD