Meet Us


Cathy founded Dyspraxia Help the education and healthcare systems. She realised early on that whilst teaching staff and other key professionals were really willing to help, they were not provided with training to equip them to help children and young people with dyspraxia or with anywhere to turn to for expert advice and help. Like herself, many parents/carers were really struggling to get the help and recogntion they needed. Consequently many of these children simply fell through the net. Twenty years on, with a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding, Cathy runs Dyspraxia Help which supports hundreds of children. She knows when family/carers and teaching staff have a good understanding of dyspraxia and pull together, these children can really fly!



Mary is a successful retired entrepreneur and has excellent business skills which assist the charity greatly. She is incredibly supportive, bringing ideas, energy and enthusiasm to our team.


Geoff is a recently retired head teacher with considerable knowledge and a wealth of experience from a long career in education. Whilst head teacher of a local primary school, he booked Cathy to deliver CPD training for his staff and fully appreciated the work of the charity. He readily agreed to help as a trustee on retirement. He brings many talents to our team and has endless skill with children. Geoff produced our promotional video.


Kim is a teacher and has many skills but in particular that of supporting children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability). She has considerable understanding and compassion for children, bringing enthusiasm, energy, and insight to our team.


Martyn is a retired head teacher who remembers Cathy delivering a training session at his school several years ago. At present he is operational manager at Woodgreen Church. He brings many skills and much expertise to the charity: running charities; understanding of children with dyspraxia; teaching and many organisational skills. He is an incredibly supportive and encouraging member of our team.

Dyspraxia Advisor to the Trustees


Lydia is the reason behind Dyspraxia Help being set up as a charity. Her desire is to prevent others suffering in the same way she did growing up and journeying through the education system. She has always given the charity tremendous insight and support in the background but is now taking a more active role by becoming an advisor to the trustees. Her input and knowledge is invaluable to us.



Rosy helps in a multitude of ways. She is a qualified teacher but is currently working for a refugee charity. Rosy advises on many aspects of the charity, proof reads and takes the minutes at our meetings. She is a constant source of support and encouragement.

Solomon & Family

Solomon, his Granny Nadeen, brother Malachi and sister Nahum have been absolute stars in allowing us to take their photos and in helping us with our marketing. This grateful family have helped and supported the charity in many ways for several years. They are always so willing to help us and we appreciate their support immensely.


A grateful mum who does a wonderful job of maintaining the charity’s Facebook page. Sarah offers great ideas and is incredibly supportive of everything the charity does.


Jenny worked as a Community Paediatrician for a number of years and fully appreciates the challenges for children and young people affected by dyspraxia. She is a passionate supporter of the charity and its work, helping wherever she can.

Mark:  His day job is business manager for another charity but Mark kindly volunteers to deal with all the finances and IT for Dyspraxia Help. He advises on legal and business matters donating huge amounts of his free time. He can frequently be found responding to Cathy’s cry ” I can’t get the printer to work!”

Izzie: Brings youth and artistic expertise to our charity. She has skills in IT, editing and filming which have been immensely helpful – often used to “unpickle” Cathy!

Grandma and Grandad aged over 80 years who can regularly be found helping out with Jimbo Fun assembly…our Jimbo Elves!

Dyspraxia Help is privileged to have developed a good network of professionals and organisations to whom we can turn to if needed  and who we can help in return. We have excellent relationships with Paediatric Occupational Therapists, British Dyslexia Association (Worcester and Hereford Branch), Positive about Autism, National Handwriting Association to name a few.